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Money management: investing and hedge funds

Everyone likes to make a little money for nothing. Whether it's an unexpected bonus at work, or reaping the rewards of a shrewd investment on the stock exchange, it's certainly sweet to have money coming in that we really didn't account for.

Investing, though, is not a case of simply sitting back, fingers crossed and hoping that something will miraculously happen. As the old saying goes, you have to speculate to accumulate and making your money work for you requires some capital to begin with, some research and, of course, just a little bit of luck.

First thing's first though. You have to accept that with any investment, there will be a risk attached. So you should only ever commit as much money as you can afford to lose in the first instance. This may seem like a rather defeatist attitude, but anything that claims to guarantee a certain return on investment is misleading at best.

Furthermore, investing isn't simply a case of putting the money in and hoping for the best: the key is to understand the risks and look at ways of minimising these risks.

One of the best ways of reducing your investment risks is to not put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your funds around several opportunities and you don't risk losing everything on one bad decision, or one quirk of fate that is completely out of your control. In other words, the key is to hedge your bets.

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Hedging your bets: what is a hedge fund?

In a nutshell, a hedge fund is an investment fund that is open to a limited range of investors and is managed by an investment manager. The scope of the fund encapsulates a wide range of trading and investment initiatives and is underpinned by a strategy that stipulates what kinds of investments will be made.

There are many statistical data services that deliver reliable market risk models, software tools and applications which facilitate the making of sound hedge fund investment decisions based on risk analytics. So whilst it's not 100% guaranteed to reap rewards, it does offer investors the chance to reduce any inherent risks.

Of course, having access to the capital in the first instance may be an issue for some people, meaning that borrowing money to invest in such an initiative could be the only option - and not all debt is bad debt. Any money that is used as leverage towards creating even more money in the future is a constructive use of the borrowed capital. And if you spread your cash and hedge your bets, then your investment could reap some pretty big rewards in return.


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