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In the 21st century everybody suffers from a debt. You have loan on the car, your home or even you have recently applied for a payday loan. But your credit card is empty and you are on filing for a bankruptcy. How can you get out of debt and avoid a total bankruptcy?

Due to these problems you donít sleep well and all night longs you are chewing the cud on getting out of debt and paying the owes. If you are most of the worldwide population you are spending so the nights. The burden of a debt isnít shiny and you have to face the truth that paying off the credit card balance may take up to 20 years.

The credit card companies are glad to see that your outstanding can last over than 20 years. They let you to ďsufferĒ 20 years, even more you would be the idol. The purpose of the companies is that you would pay month by month a sum of money, so you will fill constantly their cash coffers. It isnít in their interest you to pay quickly; no they permit to you to pay in small amounts. You pay the minimum balance of your credit card, so you keep in life their business!

Monthly you pay the minimum payment, which means in fact the interest rate, and just on the end of the month you pay the real balance. Thatís what happens when you pay with a credit card! Itís not a problem if you use a credit card but do it with mind!

Are you in a debt? How can you get out of a debt? If you are in a debt is recommended to stay alive and donít dig yourself deeper in debt! Save your credit card and use it if you really need it! Try to pay more than your minimum balance! Choose the best credit card with a low interest rate, and take care of the scams! If you succeeded to save some rates on your card, use to cut down your debts. Itís meaningless to save 1 to 3% interest on your account while you pay 18% interest on your credit card. Write a plan in order to reduce your debt! Before you enter a dept situation think about what could you do with the saved amount instead of paying to the credit card company?

The best debt solution is the Credit Crunch! Make a list of your debts, included the balances and the interest rates for all of them. Pay the minimum balance on all of the credit cards, excluded that one with the highest rate. Pay off this credit card (that with highest rate) and then start to pay the one with the next highest rate, while you are paying the minimum balance to the others. Keep doing this until you end up with all of them!

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* The cost of borrowing is $21 per $100 borrowed.